Comrades! I am delightfully swamped and have not had the time to update this website!
But I am Tattooing and taking new clients for 2013!
Please visit FACEBOOK for now to see new work!


An Open Letter to my Clients,

It is and has always been an immense pleasure and a true honor to be chosen for your tattoo. Nothing is more sacred or meaningful than the permanency of a tattoo: it is with this mindset that I take my task with genuine sincerity and with the utmost attentiveness to your desires.

For all that it is worth, with all of my heart, Thank You. It is with your complete trust in me and my talents that I am able to continue doing something that I truly love.

2013 is the year for shedding old skins and beginning anew. Personal transitions notwithstanding, I am ready to push my work to the next level, to take my portfolio Above and Beyond; and this is where I ask for your participation.

With the growing popularity of my business, I have become more selective about the new clients that I take on. Any artist thrives best and performs at their highest ideals when they are given flexibility with their work and are challenged by the projects that interest them and cater to their unique style. With the overwhelming amount of interest that I receive, I have had to streamline my methods for sifting through the people that contact me for work. Therefore, as of this year, the best way to reach me and, additionally, to be educated on my approach to tattoos and my work schedule, is to consult the Bighorn Tattoo E-mail Guidelines, which will be featured in the new website - coming in Summer of 2013. This keeps my expectations in an accessible format so that any new, potential clients can be educated on how I function from the get go!

This year has also seen a Price Increase for my Hourly and Design rates. You will find more information on these prices when my website is fully updated.

My goal and my incentive is to create beautiful, flowing, meaningful, awe-inspiring tattoos, rendered specifically and entirely for my clients, suiting their needs and their spiritual journeys through life. To me, doing tattoos is not about glamor or fame, and though I make my living with tattoos, I firmly believe that everyone deserves to have access to artwork that means something special to them. It is because of this that I stand with solid conviction beside my dedication to push myself and my clients to create true Works of Skin Art. I look forward to this fresh beginning in Tattoos, and I am eager to take this journey with You.


+ Sarah Frary
Bighorn Tattoo

307.272.9988 // PO 518 ten sleep, wy 82442
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